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Ignite Your Inner Light

Embark on a Transformative
Lucia Light Journey

Are you struggling with stress, anxiety, depression or PTSD?

Do you want to increase your motivation, creativity and be more joyful and peaceful?

Lucia Light Therapy

Arica Law


Hi, I'm Arica, and I specialize in Lucia Light Therapy, a profound and transformative healing modality.  As a certified metaphysician, I am passionate about utilizing Lucia Light Therapy to support individuals in their healing and personal growth journeys.


Lucia Light Therapy harnesses the power of light to stimulate relaxation, activate inner potential, and promote overall well-being.  This modality has been known to help with various conditions, such as stress, anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders, as well as offering support for personal development, creativity, and spiritual exploration.

Arica Law Metaphysician

Developed by Dr. Engelbert Winkler, a psychologist, hypnotherapist, and youth legal consultant, in collaboration with Dr. Dirk Proeckl, a medical neurologist and psychiatrist, the Lucia Light is a groundbreaking neurostimulator. By combining flashing and constant light, it induces temporary EEG brain wave patterns that facilitate a hypnagogic trance—a blissful state experienced before awakening or falling asleep, bridging the realms of dreams and reality.

Driven by a transformative near-death experience (NDE) at a young age, Dr. Winkler extensively researched NDE phenomena and delved into shamanic, meditative, and esoteric traditions. Inspired by his findings, he collaborated with Dr. Proeckl to create the Lucia N°03 technology, aimed at awakening human consciousness.

Dr. Proeckl's expertise lies in the intricate interplay between the psyche and the nervous system, studying areas such as psychosomatic rehabilitation, neurotransmitter distribution, and epileptic potentials. Monitoring nervous system activity before and after Lucia light sessions in his practice, he recommends a minimum of 5 to 10 sessions to reprogram the nervous system effectively.


Together, these doctors continuously optimize the Hypnagogic Light Experience with the Lucia N°03, expanding their understanding of the associated neurophysiological and psychological processes, including insights into synesthesia.


The Lucia N°03 utilizes white light that penetrates through closed eyelids, reaching the pineal gland, often referred to as the third eye. This stimulation prompts the production of mind-activating hormones, offering the immediate benefits of deep meditation. It enables individuals to access an expanded state of consciousness without the need for years of meditation practice. Even for novice meditators, the Lucia N°03 induces a profound sense of relaxation and focus, connecting them with their intuition and a deep sense of wholeness. By accessing the Theta state and high Alpha patterns, known for their association with joy, intuition, creativity, and heightened concentration, the light enhances the user's experience.

By harnessing the power of the light machine, individuals can access heightened state of consciousness and embark on transcendental journeys. These experiences are often associated with extraordinary circumstances such as high-performance sports, entheogenic substances, transcendental meditation, or near-death experiences. The light machine can trigger similar positive effects as those encountered in these extraordinary conditions, effects that many individuals may never have the opportunity to encounter otherwise.


Through regular sessions on the Lucia N°03, you can effectively train your brain to enter this optimal state at will. Even after just one session, it becomes easier to enter a deep meditative state, as your brain becomes familiar with the path it needs to follow.


What Are The Benefits

The Lucia N°03 harnesses the potent energy of light as a drug-free alternative, empowering the brain with remarkable benefits. The brain possesses inherent healing capabilities, capable of influencing the body's well-being even during advanced stages of illness, leading to spontaneous remissions.


Light has long been recognized for its pivotal role in addressing diverse conditions such as mood disorders, insomnia, anxiety, depression, PTSD, tumors, compulsive and mental disorders, offering unlimited possibilities for application.

Reported benefits encompass a spectrum of transformative experiences, including rapid and sustained deep relaxation, activation of the pineal gland (third eye), heightened creativity, inner peace, intuitive insights, mental clarity, enhanced learning capacity, and performance, as well as increased happiness.


Furthermore, the Lucia N°03 promotes physical healing, and reduces anxiety, stress, and depression, while facilitating the release of beneficial hormones associated with overall health, longevity, and resetting the nervous system.

Clients often encounter a sense of timelessness, transcendence beyond conventional boundaries of space, and other profound otherworldly experiences, unveiling an extraordinary range of possibilities and transformations.

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