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A Safer Alternative for LSD to Explore Consciousness

Schwartzman, David J. Et. Al. "Increased Spontaneous EEG Signal Diversity During Stroboscopically-induced Altered States of Consciousness."

Jan. 4, 2019 - Taking “magic mushrooms”, “LSD” or other psychoactive drugs is definitely one way to explore consciousness, but have you ever wondered if there was a safer alternative? A recent study by Dr. David Schwartzman and his team at the University of Sussex now suggests that flickering light can induce similar states of awareness that psilocybin does. Dr. Schwartzman and his team collected data on brainwave measurements, neural activity and experiential reports during wakeful rest, a psilocybin experience and an experience with the stroboscopic Lucia N°03.

They concluded that: “the ability of stroboscopic stimulation to induce altered phenomenology with marked similarities to psychedelic ASC, along with similar changes in neural activity (increased signal diversity, reduced alpha power), suggests it may provide an alternative to or adjunct method alongside psychedelic therapy.” (Schwartzman, et. al, 58-59).

Read more about this or download the full article yourself.

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